Lunar probe land on far side of moon using lidar mapping

 A few days ago,  the Chines lunar probe landed on the far side of the moon.

This historic occasion allowed us to see the far side of the moon ( which is always pointing away from the Earth ) for the first time.


The critical information allowing for the probe to land on the surface was provided by on board LIDAR mapping sensors.

From chines news site “At around 100 metres 3D laser scanning imaging provided elevation data, as part of a hovering phase which allowed for avoidance of hazards on the surface which could have threatened the landing.


The video is fascinating to watch – first the probe is flying horizontally above the surface and then as the correct position is reached the probed rotates 90 degrees and begins its descent.

the web site also has an animation showing how the Lidar sensors allowed for aerials mapping and a safe manged descent onto the surface.



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