UAV Mapping

Good detailed maps, site plans and terrain modelling are necessary components for all successful infrastructure development projects. Greenfields projects, infrastructure upgrades and the comprehension and management of assets all benefit from visual intelligence in the form of accurate 3 Dimensional geospatial data.  UAV (Drone) based mapping has become the most effective solution to improve decision making and increase productivity and effectiveness of project management and design teams.

UAV aerial mapping allows for the cost efficient, safe and accurate mapping of 1 – 15 Km² areas of mapping data. The mapping can be carried out without interrupting asset management, mining or construction operations in a safe manner.

For  use in:  Infrastructure planning, asset mapping, mining operations, stock-pile and quarry volume reporting, digital terrain modelling , site and route selection and agriculture planning and crop analysis and condition monitoring.


  • Improved safety:  

    The primary benefit of UAV mapping is the removal of needing “feet on the ground” in the generally hazardous conditions of existing mining or construction operations.

  • Conservancy and quality of data:  

    Due to the ability to collect both photographic and digital terrain information the ortho photo map produced provides a far clearer and accurate 3D resemblance of the site reality.  The data processing is a straight forward time efficient process providing high quality images and 3D modelling.

  • Cost effectiveness:  

    For most infrastructure projects the cost of obtaining good ortho photo mapping by UAV is considerably less than traditionally manned aircraft.   UAV mapping provides a cost effective accurate solution for all small scale mapping requirements. Further the resources to support UAV mapping operations is considerably reduced.


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