Over the last five years 5D Surveys have built on our traditional survey skills and specialized in the provision of laser scanning and UAV mapping services. We actively seek out the most innovative and efficient industry solutions and are continually striving to improve our “best practice” methodologies to incorporate international trends.

Laser scanning; BIM and UAV (drone) mapping are cutting edge survey technologies that greatly benefit infrastructure projects ranging from new builds, refurbishments, plant upgrades, civil, and mining projects.

These technologies provide cost effective, accurate three-dimensional mapping solutions that decrease project risk and improve collaboration across the project team.

Critically the risk buffer involved in pricing, feasibility studies and design is significantly decreased as a result of the additional information good 3D Revit / BIM modelling provides.

Our vison is to become the leading African Geospatial solution provider.  We are committed to delivering remarkable geospatial solutions, saving our clients time and money. International best practice shows that where 3D modelling and BIM (building information modelling) are included in the planning brief, project cost benefits of 11%-17% are noted. 


Our value proposition is being responsive to our clients’ needs and connecting our extensive geospatial skills with cutting edge technology, particularly in the infrastructure, civil, housing and mining industries.



We create value for our clients through our cutting edge technologies:


  • The full 3D and photo-realistic representative information about building or plant allows accurate design especially for refurbishment projects
  • Lower project costs resulting from vastly improved data set.
  • Reduce project risk  – cost effective, accurate three-dimensional mapping solutions, data rich 3 Dimensional models of reality, decreasing project risk and improving collaboration across the project team. Terrestrial scanning, unmanned and vehicles (drones) and improved software have allowed us to produce cost efficient and accurate 3D mapping and intelligence rich modelling;
  • Improve cost effectiveness – additional information good 3D modelling and or aerial mapping significantly decreases the risk buffer involved in pricing and feasibility studies; 
  • Enable better collaboration and integration – everyone on a project work able to collaborate better by being able to see and understand the complete project which 3D modelling and BIM allows;
  • Enable proactive schedule management – better scheduling and project timeline management as a result of the integration of existing with future designs (4th dimension of time);
  • Enable real time cost management- better and more efficient cost management and “seeing” of cost overruns at an early stage, costs can be visualized across the model (5th dimension of time).
  • Increased site safety and reduced shut-down periods in plant environments
  • Improved facilities management


5D Surveys is a professional survey company specializing in the provision of laser scanning, 3D modelling, BIM and UAV (drone) based aerial mapping.  We have over 30 years collective experience in surveying building modelling and aerial mapping.



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